What do we think about ASOS

A British ready-to-wear brand that sells only its products on the internet, asos was created by two Londoners under a new concept: online sales of clothing, accessories, jewelery and even cosmetics inspired by Peoples' magazines. lower cost. What do we think of this brand?

A safe and reliable site!

If you are unsure of the reliability of the site, do not panic! We guarantee that you can order with your eyes closed. Indeed, payments are secure and parcels are tracked and tracked, you can even track the routing of your orders from your smartphone! Moreover, a site of this size could not afford to have a flaw in the reliability of payments or shipping of its products, advertising would be so bad that it would not be so successful today hui! Last plus (to reassure you), after sales service! Yes, the after-sales service of Asos is very well done. In case of size error, articles or in case of return of an order, all processes go very quickly! Always for the sake of image and good publicity, the site is very responsive and provides quick support for any claim.

A trendy site, a site full of excluded

Destined for a relatively young audience, the site has diversified its offer by offering large size items, but also articles that meet all needs, all modes! If you want to find sportswear, you will find some. If you want to find shirts or costumes for taff, you will find some. If what you need is casual clothes, you will find some too. There is something for all styles and for all tastes! But beware, we are still on a trend offer, where originality is the exclusivity are the nerves of war.

So, what about the site? It quickly became a staple in his market, a specialist who is now part of the references of the net!