The best place to sell your clothes

In our buying clothes you can sell jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, handbags, sweaters and more. Make room for something new!

Sell clothes online

If you want to sell clothes, provide first wearing the garment or accessory. Is Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls? Then select the category and the correct kind. Complete your information by entering the appropriate clothing brand. You will receive an immediate purchase price and can now sell us directly. Now selling clothing on the site specializing in this area, as easy as ever. It is time again that your closet is packed in the summer period. You may wonder what to do with all your clothes, shoes and countless accessories. If they are already worn out, leaving only the path of the gift or the trash. However, if they are still new, you can quickly and easily make money.

How much does the shipment cost?

Shipping is free for you as long as your items are accepted. On the site page, you can download and print a DHL sticker. Now you can paste it on the package and entrust an agency DHL. The shipment is complete. It is important that you actually used the proposed label. Otherwise, the postage will not be refunded. Your package must not weigh more than 31.5 kilograms during shipping. If your articles are rejected by the site, you have the option to pay 4 euros for shipping to recover. Alternatively, you can recycle them for free. Generally, this is the shipping shopping sites, but excluding, you can always consult the heading information as well as the general rules of the site condition of sale.

You can not just sell clothes for men, women and children, but also accessories. The stamps are on the website sales page. You will find clothes of all brands during the purchase and sale. Categories are also fairly typical.